Why You Ought To Be Considering Google’s Instant Apps

Why You Ought To Be Considering Google’s Instant Apps

Instant apps are designed to be an update to native android apps. It strives to bridge that gap between the fluidity of native apps and the speed of websites.

It’s quite like the regular native app, with the main giveaway being the simplified interface.

These are full-fledged native apps, but can be shared via a link that opens to an elementary version of the app. So the receiver of the link would be able to access that part of the app that was linked, without having to download it. To access the rest of the app they can download it without the added hassle of first finding it on the Play Store.

The upgrade combines the best of native apps with the expedition of website usage.

Instant apps –

  • launch quickly
  • can be used without being installed
  • this reduces the need for storage space
  • use a cloud based version of the app
  • this lets people audition the app before installing it
  • can be accessed from any URL (search, social media, deep links, messaging etc.)
  • work on the latest android devices
  • are not a new app but only an update to the existing android app (it uses the same APIs, project and source code, and can be modularised using Android studio)
  • load as seamlessly as a webpage
  • have a smooth and friendly user-interface
  • allows sections of the native app to be modulated them into compartments, each of which can be accessed individually and separately
  • limit data-costly downloads
  • foster higher user engagement
  • promote easier user acquisition (allow users situational use of the app, which may encourage them to download the full app later)
  • improves user retention

To summarise, in a nutshell, Instant Apps save you and your customers from having to make the choice between native mobile apps and mobile webpages!