Make Customers Fall for You This Valentine’s Day

Make Customers Fall for You This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to boost your sales after the January slump. It’s not just couples shopping for each other, studies show that customers also shop for other segments including pets, colleagues, friends and even classmates.

Here are our top tips to kickstart your sales this Valentine’s Day.

Entice by Email

Email outreach is a great way to boost your sales. For this occasion, we suggest segmenting by gender and following up with gift ideas on your blog. Another tip to follow up is to send an email on the last day to order (often Jan 27th) and offer last-minute orders with free shipping to entice customers.

Holiday Theme

Show some love – change your logo and website theme with a special Valentine’s Day look. You could create a themed banner that links to Valentine’s Day deals and products. This shows customers your creative, playful side. Think outside the box if you need to; you can also offer pet-loving, home-loving or earth-loving themes and offers. The kind of love you focus on is up to you.

Themed Products

Offer Valentine’s Day versions of your bestselling products. This is sure to grab customers’ attention and spike your sales. One option is to offer his and her matching versions of products.

Gift Guides

You can help customers out by putting together a gift guide: one for him and one for her. It’s a good idea to categorize products by price so customers can find options within their budget. Provide training to your customer representatives to suggest gift ideas to customers and upsell.

Sales, Discount or Coupons

Make your customers feel special by giving them a gift this Valentine’s Day. Get creative – whether it’s a special sales offer or coupon with a discount, your customers will appreciate the thought and are more likely to shop with such offers. Even something as simple as free shipping makes a difference.

Timely Delivery

Guarantee timely delivery of your product so that they happen on time for Valentine’s Day or within 24 hours if the purchase happens on the day. Promote this delivery timeline wherever you can including the checkout page. If you can’t handle last-minute orders, specify the last day you can ship so customers have a clear idea.

Valentine’s Day Competition 

Create a Valentine’s Day themed competition with a chance to win a prize. Ask customers to share photos or stories of their Valentine’s Day on social media. Perhaps you could ask them to share stories of how your product featured in their Valentine’s Day. In some cases, all participants could get a prize like a discount coupon. Or you could pick a lucky winner who gets a special prize and is featured as the winner on your social media.

Share the Love

You can continue your Valentine’s Day offers a day after the occasion. Alternatively, you can choose a charity close to your heart to donate a portion of each sale to and promote this as a cause that could use some love. This can trigger customers to make a purchase from your e-commerce store.

These tips should prove handy for boosting your sales this Valentine’s Day. Feel free to use all or some of them; whatever suits your e-commerce store. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, it’s a special occasion for e-commerce stores too, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to jumpstart your sales.

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